“My Christmas Wish” – A poem I wrote years ago for my love


Angie and I in College

This is a poem I wrote for Angie just before we were married. Though it’s not worldly or wicked, it was written from a romantic, rather than a spiritual standpoint. Ladies, enjoy. Guys, try not to gag too much.

“My Christmas Wish”

There’s something magic in the air, and the whole world knows the reason

It’s the feeling of great warmth and care brought on by Christmas season.

There’s nothing like this time of year and the holiday traditions.

Like carolers singing songs of cheer in the weather’s worst conditions.

Of course there’s always Christmas lights, and giant Christmas trees,

And little children’s snowball fights as their tiny fingers freeze.

And the eve of Christmas, late at night with perfect, snowy weather,

Families gather with delight, and open gifts together.

But parents, who are dedicated, always issue out a warning

And to their kids have clearly stated, “Wait ‘til Christmas morning!”

And many families always meet for a giant, Christmas dinner.

Then the guys watch ball-games as they eat, hoping their team is the winner.

But if someone asked me to decide, the one wish I believe,

Would make my heart most satisfied this coming Christmas eve,

My only wish and heart’s desire to make my dreams come true,

Would be snuggling by a cozy fire, spending Christmas eve with you.

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Opportunities and Divine Appointments in the Bus Ministry

Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments

:-[Am I passing by the opportunities?

– Regardless of the size of my bus area, I have many opportunities to visit
– I miss the opportunities when I fear the answer will be “no”
– Missed opportunities and passing by opportunities lead to bad habits and excuses
– What if I don’t feel impressed to visit 3 to 5 new contacts each week?
After 41 yrs of knocking on doors I can only remember a few times when I was moved to visit. Therefore, I never wait to feel impressed while making visits.
– Many times I will stop people walking down the street
O:-)Divine appointments
– The events of bus workers are not accidental
– The steps of a good bus worker are ordered by the Lord
– The blessings of divine appointments live forever in my memory 
– There are never tears or regrets when following God’s leading
:-)God’s has appointed bus workers to reach multitudes 
– Bus workers are appointed by God to keep God’s appointments with soul-winning
– Make three to five new appointments every Saturday
– Line up the kids, but if the opportunity arises then present the gospel to the parents and others present
O:-)Divine appointments are the rewards of those who work hard
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Keep Your Guard Up In The Bus Ministry

Keep your guard up

Keep your guard up

:-\Keep your guard up with good record keeping

– Keep attendance each week
What if I don’t have a secretary?
– The bus captain can fill out attendance Sunday afternoon or Sunday night
– This should only take a few minutes to complete
– Gather the information correct name spelling, addresses, etc…
– If you don’t already have attendance records, then gather the information little by little
:-\Keep your guard up when dealing with bus riders 
– Have a another adult with you when taking a bus rider home in a car
– Have someone with you no matter how well you think you know the family
– Be careful about taking kids out of class
:-\Keep your guard up when visiting
– Ladies, do your best to have someone with you when visiting
– Men be extra careful entering a home
– If only one person is home when you make a visit, then make the stop short and quick
– If you visit alone then keep moving with your visits
:-\Why must I keep my guard up?
Because those who don’t, may end up :crying in the end. Our adversary the devil is seeking whom he may devour
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A Full Band and Strings Program

10679843_933287240034658_5972874845914561465_oOn our State Line Christian School Facebook page we are posting 1 reason per day of why we love State Line Christian School. THE LATEST REASON: SLCS Full Orchestra and Band Program with Mrs. Mather at the helm. We have Beginner Band 5th grade,  Intermediate Band in 6th grade, Jr. High Band, and Varsity Band. In addition, we start strings in 4th grade.


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We Teach The “FUN”damentals

10495863_930624583634257_1766692447337651135_oOn our State Line Christian School Facebook page we are posting 1 reason per day of why we love State Line Christian School. THE LATEST REASON: We don’t take the “fun” out of teaching the fundamentals. Case in point – Seniors’ Ugly Sweater Day

10495863_930624583634257_1766692447337651135_o 1920025_930624903634225_4922857626449218483_n

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The ABC’s Of Bus Visiting

a:-)Bus visiting as easy as ABC

;-)1)Thou shalt not be Arrogant
– Don’t speak bad of other churches
– Don’t join in on negative talk
– Don’t speak badly about other bus riders
– Don’t speak badly about other bus workers
– The bus minsitry is about helping people, not about how (arrogant) great we are
:-(2)Thou shalt not be Boring
– Don’t overload the visit with too much information
– Speak to the parent and the kids 
– Capturing the interest of the kids is the key
– Tell the kids they will be glad they came 
– Let the parent know that we have been running the buses for 43 years
– Let the parent know the approximate pick up and drop off times
– Let the parent know that we have classes for every age group
– Know the limits of speech. If the parent says “yes” “the kids can ride”, then don’t kill the visit with needless and boring talk
– Leave a church card with your name and cell # on the backside
:-\3)Thou shalt not be Confusing
– Slow down and listen to people talk
– Slow down and let people ask questions
– Answer the questions, but don’t over kill with the answers
– Stay interactive as much as possible
– Keep your eyes fastened on the eyes of the one you are talking to
– Watch for facial expressions that signal confusion 
– If there is confusion, accept the blame for the confusion. We don’t want the person to feel uncomfortable with the visit
Strike a balance
Simplify things that are complicated (we should be spending some time in prayer before entering into complicated problems)
Don’t complicate things that are simple( we can’t teach all there is to know to people in one visit) 
As a bus worker it is our job to get people on the bus and make it a fun ride. Sunday school and church will do most of the teaching.
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Faithful Supporters Of The Past

10710419_930617503634965_9217687462582401016_oOn our State Line Christian School Facebook page we are posting 1 reason per day of why we love State Line Christian School. THE LATEST REASON: We have now, and have had in the past, a group of people that we owe dearly for their financial sacrifice that has allowed our school to exist. Because of their sacrifice, we have been able to keep the cost of tuition down. 

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