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Why Did I Have Low Numbers On A Big Day?

I Am Feeling Low After Low Numbers On A Big Day. What Can I Do?   I Have Some Smelling Salts For Ya – Low bus numbers on the big day did not happen because of the prior Saturday’s visiting – Low bus numbers on the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Recently I finished the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  (It’s amazing that I could actually get that done seeing I had not read the book before when the book itself is on getting things done. Just kidding.) I … Continue reading

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When Rules Cause Bitterness – Part 2

I am continuing the series on when rules cause bitterness. I trust it has been and will continue to be a help. 5. Rules cause bitterness when the rules aren’t enforced with some compassion. John 5:“9 And immediately the man … Continue reading

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Ode To A Match Made In Heaven – Dad’s poem to Mom

Ode To A Match Made In Heaven (Written by Dad to Mom on occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary) It was at college, t’was the very first scene, This Canadian cyclone and this African queen. Down the stairs she came … Continue reading

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How To Have A Bad Day On A Big Day

How To Have A Bad Day On A Big Day Have Some Stinking Thinking – I don’t have enough help – I am tired – All the kids are in a slump – Nobody cares so why should I – It … Continue reading

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When Rules Cause Bitterness – Part 1

When rules cause bitterness – Part 1 Romans 7:       “7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the … Continue reading

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My Part In The Relay Race Of Life

Our 39th Bus Anniversary August 21,2011 You are in relay for eternity – It is my turn now to pick up where others left off – It is my opportunity – It is more important than the Summer Olympics – … Continue reading

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