“My Christmas Wish” – A poem I wrote years ago for my love


Angie and I in College

This is a poem I wrote for Angie just before we were married. Though it’s not worldly or wicked, it was written from a romantic, rather than a spiritual standpoint. Ladies, enjoy. Guys, try not to gag too much.

“My Christmas Wish”

There’s something magic in the air, and the whole world knows the reason

It’s the feeling of great warmth and care brought on by Christmas season.

There’s nothing like this time of year and the holiday traditions.

Like carolers singing songs of cheer in the weather’s worst conditions.

Of course there’s always Christmas lights, and giant Christmas trees,

And little children’s snowball fights as their tiny fingers freeze.

And the eve of Christmas, late at night with perfect, snowy weather,

Families gather with delight, and open gifts together.

But parents, who are dedicated, always issue out a warning

And to their kids have clearly stated, “Wait ‘til Christmas morning!”

And many families always meet for a giant, Christmas dinner.

Then the guys watch ball-games as they eat, hoping their team is the winner.

But if someone asked me to decide, the one wish I believe,

Would make my heart most satisfied this coming Christmas eve,

My only wish and heart’s desire to make my dreams come true,

Would be snuggling by a cozy fire, spending Christmas eve with you.

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One Response to “My Christmas Wish” – A poem I wrote years ago for my love

  1. mariegoetz says:

    You are so sweet to share this Pastor and Angie is so double sweet for letting you! Touched my heart (as predicted since I think I am a lady) and I thank you both for this wonderful early gift. Merry Christmas!

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