Opportunities and Divine Appointments in the Bus Ministry

Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments

:-[Am I passing by the opportunities?

– Regardless of the size of my bus area, I have many opportunities to visit
– I miss the opportunities when I fear the answer will be “no”
– Missed opportunities and passing by opportunities lead to bad habits and excuses
– What if I don’t feel impressed to visit 3 to 5 new contacts each week?
After 41 yrs of knocking on doors I can only remember a few times when I was moved to visit. Therefore, I never wait to feel impressed while making visits.
– Many times I will stop people walking down the street
O:-)Divine appointments
– The events of bus workers are not accidental
– The steps of a good bus worker are ordered by the Lord
– The blessings of divine appointments live forever in my memory 
– There are never tears or regrets when following God’s leading
:-)God’s has appointed bus workers to reach multitudes 
– Bus workers are appointed by God to keep God’s appointments with soul-winning
– Make three to five new appointments every Saturday
– Line up the kids, but if the opportunity arises then present the gospel to the parents and others present
O:-)Divine appointments are the rewards of those who work hard
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