Keep Your Guard Up In The Bus Ministry

Keep your guard up

Keep your guard up

:-\Keep your guard up with good record keeping

– Keep attendance each week
What if I don’t have a secretary?
– The bus captain can fill out attendance Sunday afternoon or Sunday night
– This should only take a few minutes to complete
– Gather the information correct name spelling, addresses, etc…
– If you don’t already have attendance records, then gather the information little by little
:-\Keep your guard up when dealing with bus riders 
– Have a another adult with you when taking a bus rider home in a car
– Have someone with you no matter how well you think you know the family
– Be careful about taking kids out of class
:-\Keep your guard up when visiting
– Ladies, do your best to have someone with you when visiting
– Men be extra careful entering a home
– If only one person is home when you make a visit, then make the stop short and quick
– If you visit alone then keep moving with your visits
:-\Why must I keep my guard up?
Because those who don’t, may end up :crying in the end. Our adversary the devil is seeking whom he may devour
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