Broken Hearts and Broken Spirits On The Bus Route

Is There A Greater Opportunity To Minister To Broken Hearts and Broken Spirits Than The Bus Ministry?

:Broken Hearts

It takes time to heal a broken heart
– A death of a close friend or family member- usually takes 3 to 6 months to heal
– Disappointments can cause a broken heart
– A broken relationship can cause a broken heart
– Bad decisions can cause a broken heart
:How should I respond to people with broken hearts?
– Listen to them and don’t try to solve their heartache with a bunch of Bible verses
– Most broken hearts just want somebody to listen
– Try to imagine yourself in their position
– Don’t tell people to just get over it
– Try not to go to pieces with crying, while they tell you of their broken heart
– People with broken hearts don’t want to hear about your heartache
– Don’t draw comparisons. Their family member dies and the idiot, talks about how their pet parakeet died. C’MON!!
– No matter how small the heartache looks to me, It is a big deal to the person hurting
– Have a word of prayer with them before leaving
:-[Broken Spirits
It takes people and time to heal broken spirits (Proverbs 18:14 “a wounded spirit”)
– This is what we see on the bus routes. Many of the kids have broken spirits
– Screaming and hollering cause a broken spirit
– Name calling causes a broken spirit. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words CRUSH the spirit
– Name calling: like “stupid”, “idiot”, “worthless”, “cursing” …etc..
– We all have seen a bus kid wipe tears away, as they come out of the house.. somebody was screaming at them
– This is why we should not do any screaming with bus kids. Get under control, STUPID!!…ooops.. sorry
– People with broken spirits lash out with anger, fight back, argue, and dish back, what they have been given: harsh words
O:-)How I should respond to a broken spirit
– Build up their confidence
– Encourage
– Speak kind words
– Correct firmly, but gently
– We can’t hug the kids, but we can make them feel loved
– Get them talking and be a friend to them
– Wounds of the spirit are deep
– Most people can’t tell you what their own problem is. Years of yelling and name calling have been buried
– Sorry, but we cannot put up with misbehavior, even if the kid has a broken spirit
What is the difference between a broken heart and broken spirit?
Time heals a broken heart, but people and time break the spirit and it takes people and time to heal the spirit
With God’s help…I want to help comfort the broken heart and mend the broken spirit
What ways have you found helpful in healing broken spirits.
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